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A Bolivian Kiss!

Laguna la blanca Advertisements

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Lesson of happiness

The first things you see when you drive in to one of the townships is the garbage that lays everywhere, stray dogs, shacks that are packed together like cans. Then you see the kids with torn clothes, and the stains … Continue reading

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TIA – This is Africa

Before I left on my volunteering trip to Cape Town, I naively thought I was gone have plenty of free time and almost be bored during the evenings. Write on my blog each week, or even every day. Well strangely … Continue reading

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Just another Saturday…

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You can say you have one of these days when… You start in the morning being conned by two highly professional scam artists in the ATM. Then spend the rest of the day climbing table mountain because you got lost, … Continue reading

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One of seven billion…

I am one of the seven billion humanbeings in this world. Mentally, emotionally and intellectually we are the same. ~ Dalai Lama

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Live free!

To me that will be to follow the path that is before me, and actively seek opportunities. Take the possibility that present itself and not look back. To not be restrained what other people think of me, and not let … Continue reading

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What is the deal with younger men and older woman?

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I mean I do not have a problem seeing why an older woman would want a younger man. He is eager, fit and looks good. He is also more likely to accommodate you in the way you want, rather than … Continue reading

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Norwegians complain about the weather!

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If you are Norwegian, then you for sure have spent hours of complaining about the weather. If you however meet one from the senior generation they will have a saying: There is no such thing as bad weather, it only … Continue reading

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Forró, capoeira, and Kiting to Bob Marley at Canoa Quebrada!

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The name means the broken canoe, and I never got an answer to why it was called that. Some mumbled of a Native Brazilian legend. But the name of this amazing place should be Paradise with a capital P. This … Continue reading

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Jazz, beads and Creole food in unique New Orleans.

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How can you describe a city like New Orleans, or a state like Louisiana as a foreigner? It is so full of flavor and adventure that it is almost impossible to visualize if you have not been there. It in … Continue reading

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