Live free!


To me that will be to follow the path that is before me, and actively seek opportunities. Take the possibility that present itself and not look back. To not be restrained what other people think of me, and not let society set the rules for my life. To live freely by my own moral code, and not follow when it feels wrong.

So am I able to live free?
Not always, but I try…

You see… I do worry of what other people think. I know it is stupid but I just can’t help it. I also feel bound by the codes that society sets, although I know it is limiting. I am even held back by my own fear and mislead by my past and baggage. I am not always sure how that baggage got there.

But I am learning, and I am aware of my limits. I try to bring my shortcomings in to the light. And to me that is accepting who I am. Then I can change it and grab my freedom. I can make a conscious choice of not letting something steer me in a direction I do not want to go. I realize that I will never be fully trained, and I am schooled in life every day.

I continue to fight towards my goal of living free, because within me I have the recipe.


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2 Responses to Live free!

  1. truly feel this post! A life journey where you are choosing to be conscious enough and awake enough to make decisions in the ‘now’ will always be preferable to one walked with eyes shut to possibilities.

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