What is the deal with younger men and older woman?


I mean I do not have a problem seeing why an older woman would want a younger man. He is eager, fit and looks good. He is also more likely to accommodate you in the way you want, rather than the way he wants. But why does younger men go after an older woman? When I was in my twenties, I can for sure tell you that I did not look twice on an older man.

Yesterday I was out Salsa dancing, and a twenty something boy stopped me with a shower of compliments. I just looked at him smiled, thanked him and moved on. Thinking he was drunk or blind. I continued dancing and in one of my breaks there he was again. His kind words of how I presented myself were flattering. Who does not like to hear how beautiful you suddenly become and how your smile went right to some ones heart? I mean I am human. This time I could clearly see he was not drunk, and I just tilted my head and asked why? He just laughed and said, because I like you and would like to see you again.


I asked him how old he was, and he said 25. Really? I just said I was 38 and waited for his response. He smiled that boyish smile and asked again for the phone number. To seek out an older woman for her experience in the sack is something I can understand. To ask for a date to get to know her is a total different ballgame. There are more reasons than I can count to why that will not work.

What does a twenty five year old guy see in a woman of 38 is still a conundrum to me. When I asked a friend, he just replied sex. Which I can understand, and it could very well be. But then why do all the effort of dating?


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6 Responses to What is the deal with younger men and older woman?

  1. witchmedow says:

    Statistically and physiologically the male peaks in sexual realms between 18 and 24 while women peak 35-40. That said, emotionally and intellectually compatible pairs, as unrealistic as it may sound, come in a wide range of combinations. It is hard for me personally to be able to judge based on age. I have known young men with little life experience but a wealth of maturity while also having being surprised by men much older than my 49 years who act like children…and to be fair …. vice versa. So as not to be hit with a barrage of ‘you are biased against men ‘comments I will say women are no different.

    Next time a 25 yo avalanches you with compliments smile and get to know the rest. And they are not blind …you are gorgeous!

    • Oslogeek says:

      Although you have some undisputable points and wisdom, it is still hard to get around it and actually believe that it will work. Maybe for a short while and o boy would that be fun! But you are right. This is one of the times when I need to get passed my own judgment and limits in order to enjoy life to the fullest! ~ Annie ~

  2. Im a few yrs older than you and ive asked myself the same thing because ive been attracted to younger guys lately. I say its sex and the attention each person gets.

    • Oslogeek says:

      I can see why! I usually think to myself that is off-limits old lady. But maybe I (Or we?) are limiting ourselves in our ways by not considering it as an option. ~ Annie ~

  3. Sugar Daddy says:

    When I was 21, for six months I dated a 37 year old woman.

    The sex WAS pretty awesome. She was uninhibited, never turned me down for it, we could hang out at her place and enjoy her big bed and tv – a lot of things I didn’t have in my life.

    She also listened to me. I think that was the best part – she was uniquely interested in my life and she gave me good advice along the way, both about sex and living my life.

    It didn’t last because I made her feel like a baby sitter (according to her). I was kind of sad to see it end, but got on with my life. I never dated another woman that much older again

    • Oslogeek says:

      Why did you not date an older woman again if you felt it gave you so much the first time? And I think part of the reason why I would stay away from younger men is for the same reason that your woman mentioned, but to be completely honest I also think that I would be (for them) more of an instant attraction rather than a long lasting love. ~ Annie ~

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