Forró, capoeira, and Kiting to Bob Marley at Canoa Quebrada!


The name means the broken canoe, and I never got an answer to why it was called that. Some mumbled of a Native Brazilian legend. But the name of this amazing place should be Paradise with a capital P. This is where I would spend my last days on earth!

Picture that you are walking on an empty beach at sunset. You have walked for hours and all you have seen is two young men practicing capoeira, a kiter in the middle of the sea and fishermen beating their nets. Then at the end of the beach you can hear the rhythms of samba, and you stop for an ice cold caprinja. That is when you realiz the village behind the bar and wander up to a small cozy street, where people are dancing Foho and Forro in the mist of restaurants. It is what you have only read about, but did not think exhisted.



It is a small fishing village in the northern part of Brazil. To get there you have to travel to Fortaleza, and arrange for local transportation two hours south again to Canoa. But it is worth it. It has beaches that you can wander for days, and an atmosphere that will ensure you forget every worry you might have left back home.


This place is heaven for windsurfers, surfers, back packers, kiter’s and families. It is as safe as your back yard, and Canoa reeks of relaxation and easy lifestyle. I was there off season for a wedding so it was quiet during the weekdays, but in the weekends the Brazilians from all over the region came in to Canoa. From what I was told, it was the happening place of the region, and during the season it was packed every night. But it was not bearing the atmosphere of a party place, it was more as the people enjoyed their life.

canoa Quebrada

The locals are very friendly, and even though you do not speak Portuguese they will speak with you for hours. The fishermen have their boats stacked up on the beach, and if you talk to them they will proudly show you their proffession. They will even arrange for you to go with them out to the sea. I will recommend going outside the main streets to visit the local shops. They are right next to each other but it is a world of difference. Keep an eye for each smile, and you will notice that these people enjoy their life to the fullest.

I have so much to learn.



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