Norwegians complain about the weather!


If you are Norwegian, then you for sure have spent hours of complaining about the weather. If you however meet one from the senior generation they will have a saying: There is no such thing as bad weather, it only means you have not dressed well enough. But the younger generation seems to have lost this wisdom.

In my opinion Norway is a fantastic place to grow up, and I do consider myself lucky. And even if I am totally in love with traveling and the knowledge I receive from other cultures, I always find my way home somehow. And when it comes down to it, the cliché that there is no place like home, is very much true in my case.

I am naive enough to think that most Norwegians are like me, they are loyal patriots who deep down love the four seasons. So why do we complain about it? The winter is always too hard, and the summer is to short. The fall is coming too soon, or it is too icy or it is too rainy. The typical Norwegian is always complaining about to little or too much of everything, and to be one of the richest nations in the world we are surprisingly little satisfied with our surroundings.

Fall is always the worst, because then we are dreading the coming winter. And when the winter is coming, we have a new reason to complain. There is no snow is a classic. Then we look dissatisfied around us with a wrinkle on our nose, with a comment of: It is too dark. When the snow comes, we are all swearing because we have to shuffle the damn thing. If it was not for Christmas half of Norway would be on Prozac. Spring is when Norwegians are complaining the least. And that is probably because we are still numb from the long winter. It could also be because we have that wet dreamy look when we stare at the sun. Spring is the promise of better days, and the summer we hope for but know is not coming, is within reach.


If by some miracle summer would come and it would be warmer than usual. That meaning the temperature would be close to thirty Celsius a few days. Then we Norwegians are complaining about the heat. Or that we cannot sleep because it is too bright and the sun never leaves. Forgetting that it is this bright every year, and that we all should have bought that blinds several years ago. Then it is lost that we have longed for the summer for nine months.

I wonder if we are complaining so much of the weather because we have to little other things to complain about. Oh do not get me wrong, us Norwegians are complaining about the welfare system as well. Then we are forgetting how proud we are of the best welfare systems in the world. That is off course only on the days when the summer is warm, and the winter is white with snow but not too cold, and the fall is not being too wet and icy.

Maybe it is the lack of conversation? Or maybe it is the common ground that will build a bridge over the Norwegian aloofness? It is hard to say. But I think the elder generation had it all figured out. Because why complain about something that we cannot change? Instead I imagine they focused on the right thing, which is to take care of each other. That seems to be forgotten. We are too busy with pursuing self-realization. And when we do take a moment to review our surroundings, we look to sky with dismay. It is after all not what we wanted, and that we are entitled to complain about.



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3 Responses to Norwegians complain about the weather!

  1. leefeller says:

    Hi, my grandmother was Norwegian, well until she passed away. She was from Bergan. She said she never wanted to go back, because according to here it was to darn cold in Norway. Maybe one day I will make it to Norway as a tourist, but the way the economy’s are going and airplanes support my claustrophobia… I am not so sure? Enjoyed the photos.

    • Oslogeek says:

      Ha ha 🙂 the thought of your grandmother looking back to rainy old Bergen and shaking her head put a big smile on my face.

      Being a native Norwegian I would say it is worth your trip. But unfortunately since the American line is no longer running, you will have to fly… maybe hitchhike with an oil tanker? ~ Annie ~

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