Jazz, beads and Creole food in unique New Orleans.

travel-bourbon_edit_croppedHow can you describe a city like New Orleans, or a state like Louisiana as a foreigner? It is so full of flavor and adventure that it is almost impossible to visualize if you have not been there. It in an instant became my favorite city of all times.

The city is named after the Duke of Orleans, who reigned as Regent for Louis XV from 1715 to 1723, as it was established by French colonists and strongly influenced by their and African cultures. And today it is a spicy mix of African, French and American in one big melting pot. The result is the most unique city of northern America in my opinion, and a must see.

When you wander down the Bourbon Street in the French quarter, you will hear the tones from jazz coming from the live bands. This city is said to be the birthplace of jazz, and to me it felt as it was living and breathing it. Where else will you find the locals jamming every night? How can I describe that atmosphere…

New Orleans frugal_600

New Orleans is also famous for its cuisine, and more specific the creole spicy food. And not to mention the atmosphere. And then we have Mardi Gras, which is a festival that dates back to French colonial times. Where the men are standing with their beads at the balcony, and the young girls are flashing for the plastic pearls. It is something that just has to be experienced. Even if you are there for a weekend trip or new years as I was, you will find the beads everywhere. I should not forget to mention that Mississippi is moving quietly in the mist of the city, so try one of the famous river boats.

New Orleans riverboat flash

To me there is no doubt that New Orleans is one of the world’s most fascinating cities. With history that are influenced by Europe, the Caribbean, and Africa and beyond, its home to a truly unique melting pot of culture, food and music. And I could go on and on about how fantastic this city is and the long lasting impression that it left with me. But I cannot just speak of the rare beauty and unique experience by not mentioning the crime rate here. I never felt unsafe in anyway, but I was visiting with Americans and they where all very peculiar of where they walked and lectured about never to be on your own.

New Orleans Mardi Gras Parades

The general rule in New Orleans is that the tourist areas are well-policed and are safe. There is virtually no crime against tourists who stick to the tourist areas. If you stick to the French Quarter, CBD, and Garden District, the chance of you having any problem is extremely low. A lot of the other neighborhoods of New Orleans are very dangerous, and you should never wander around by yourself outside the tourist centers. But again things change, so to ask when you get there is always the best idea.

Regardless… YOU HAVE TO GO to this amazingly unique place! Book your ticket tomorrow if you have not been. I loved every little bit of it.

By the way… did you know that New Orleans is also known for Voodoo, Hauntings, Vampire legends and plagues?



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