Why are you single?


Have you heard that question before? I have, and not just once. I am sure it is meant to be flattering, but all that it is, is an indication that something is wrong with you. Some use it as a compliment, others used it as an opening phrase on a date…

Let me think…

I have no kids, so it cannot be the full package that is scaring them off. Or maybe it is that most I meet already have kids, and they are afraid that I want to start a family.

I am financially set, and do not have expensive habits. Well I was financially set, until I recently quit my job. And before that I had 7 years of being single with financial stability. Or maybe a guy need to feel needed, and I am too independent?

I am not Miss Universe. But neither is the majority of the population. I have good days when I feel great, and that my looks are above average. Then there are the bad days when I am looking at the ugly duckling in the mirror.

I am not Miss Sporty either, but I have not gain much weight since I was twenty, so how bad can it be? I am not found of climbing mountains which seem to be the trend these days, so maybe it is my hobbies?

The answer is no… I do not know why I am still single… I am not outstanding, nor appalling.

Maybe it is that I do not stick out in any way, I am not special enough? But who is really unique in the mass of today’s society? Have we not realized that we are all unique but yet the same?

The only thing I am left with then is my personality. And I can right now tell you that there is plenty that is wrong with my personality, as it is with most. It could be that. I am at least thankful that I am not a drunk and I do not have a gambling problem.

It may be chemistry, timing and maybe compatibility. Or is it that my luck is failing me? Maybe faith has put a black spell on my path? Or is it all that is mentioned?

So why are you single?
Is there an intelligent answer to that question?


Some people actually give you the answer. Like; you are single because you chose to be. You do not want a boyfriend. Then they are just skipping the question part. Instead they are being kind to let me know what is going on.

Why do they think that? Do they think that I woke up one morning and decided that I do not want the warmth and love from another person? Or that I prefer lovers, instead of being in a relationship. Is that how I present myself? Or does the fact that I am happy as single mean that I will not be happy in a relationship?

So let me ask you, because your guess is as good as mine. Why is it, that it is me that is the single one?

Does my answer really matter?



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18 Responses to Why are you single?

  1. Christina says:

    JEG synes du er flott og ser fantastisk ut, det er ingen skam i å være singel uansett alder altså! 🙂 ❤

  2. John Laninga says:

    Take your time. Good things don’t always happen on a schedule. Maybe you just haven’t met the right person. Don’t lower your standards, let the world happen. Maybe you’ll never get married, but I think that would be preferable to a divorce and its associated baggage. From your blog, I would say you are an attractive, intelligent, and adventuresome person. Don’t change who you are… it won’t be comfortable if you do. Be yourself.

    • Hi John 

      Thank you so much for your kind words 🙂 it was heartwarming. And I think you are right, you can never plan for most things in life. And relationships are absolutely something you cannot always plan or decide over. But sometimes you can help a little by booking a ticket, quit your job and go volunteering. Or try internet dating. He he  But more than anything your life is half luck.

      ~ Annie ~

  3. Hi!
    I think that most people are just too scared to enter into a relationship for the responsibility of it & scared that the person they will be with for the rest of their lives won’t be up to their expectations. Who really is? Single is for people who can’t & won’t take the chance to look at themselves & want to be what they are without that change. There are those in relationships that look at others when the sexual part never gets fulfilled when each use arguing & then becomes more than just that. They all never learn to stop to let their emotions settle back down to come back & be able to talk & converse again. I am single & have never got past the part of being with a woman who can ever say what they want straight out without testing me first in my ways. I know that women who find me good looking never stick around afterwards either. So have the same thing you have right now.
    I wonder if I will ever have a family & know I was as good as most people tell me since they see only parts of me when in a group. I think testing someone can work but also can go too far if that someone doesn’t believe in the other person or just likes being that way in a relationship which I think is wrong at times if they have no love for themselves & don’t look for the good in others as they do in what they want from a relationship. People I think also who don’t value their own beliefs from their families are not true to themselves or their persona at all. This is what I have seen & heard when being in public & watching how relationships are & how others want to hear before they
    experience it at all. It’s like testing a product before you take it home. To me, is not a very good way to find out about another & opposite person who you want in your life. It was never like that when tradition was known & accepted above anything else. We have issues that the judicial system never stick by whether it comes from city, state or federal. That is 1 true concept of how change has made relationships messed up now. I work with problems & learn how to deal with them along with sticking up for tradition as it is only fit & true to the ways of God & how we were to exist in this world. I can say I am looking for someone who values something other than what the world is & has been doing, or believes in nothing but themselves.

    • Hi Rodney

      Thanks for your thoughts. I think you are right about many being scared of committing to someone, but I also think that comes and goes in most relationships or if you are single. There are times when I do not believe in the “true love” concept, and there are other times when I think back and wonder if I let it go somewhere. Off course it is scary to live with one person for the rest of your life. Even if you love someone that must be a scary thought. But I also think that many things are accidental, and that there is not always a reason why some are single and others not. Maybe some are willing to stick it out and others do not have the patience to see where it goes. Maybe some are not willing to risk it, and other are spending years of their life before they figure out they are either with the wrong or the right person. One can only assume and I think there is no right answer.

      When I am asked that question; why are you single? I never answer, because there is not a good answer. Or maybe it is so many that I cannot possibly share them all.

      Your answer is as good as mine 🙂

      ~ Annie ~

  4. Hi again!
    I forgot to tell you thanks for taking the time to read my post of responsibility & take a part in following my blog too. I believe in things most people don’t.

  5. kristin says:

    Hi my sister from another mother (or something like that) 😀

    You write so well, that I love reading your blog :))
    Well, why are you single?
    There is no definitive answer i think
    You’re a wonderful girl- and the boy who gets your heart is very lucky 🙂
    The older you grow, you become more picky, and does not settle with “anything”.
    Who knows, maybe when you go to the world outside, you meet a prince who own his kingdom. Princess Anne is the title you deserve hehe.
    Not “princess” in the word itself, but one that deserves all the good 🙂

    Going to miss you when you go. I have become very fond of you know.

    ❤ ❤ ❤ Kristin

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  7. ypworld102 says:

    If you were tied down in a relationship would you be having the adventure you are on right now? 😄

  8. Nachthawk says:

    Some cool and wise entries… nothing to add other then – why ask the question in the first place..? – personally speaking you take decisions and run with them… until such time that you alter them ! Life is what happens while you plan it… 🙂
    Thanks for reading the little girls progress report… Hope you enjoy it… 🙂

  9. candhglobal says:

    I think some of the ‘problem’ of single-ness comes from the fact that there is a set of criteria which the world uses to judge people. That is, the problem comes from society, not the person concerned. Is it a problem that someone is single? Not if that person is happy as they are. Is it a problem if someone doesn’t have a linear career path or a ‘traditional’ job? Again, it’s up to the person concerned. Anything else is just judgmental BS. Cruise your own path.

    • Oslogeek says:

      I could not agree more, and the text above is probably me being a bit snarky to the fact that people have a certain idea of my reality. And the fact of the matter is that there really is no reason to why or why not, it just is.

      It is not a text about me being unhappy. 😉 ~ Annie ~

  10. geminic29 says:

    Love this…I ask myself the same question and apparently the entire universe asks me the same question. If I knew, I wouldn’t be single lol.

    • Oslogeek says:

      Fantastic, and exactly! I will let everyone know if I come up with something that does not sound like it is taken out of a shrink’s notebook. 🙂 🙂 🙂

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