Praha shopping frenzy and Cougar’s.


Praha is the biggest city in the Czech Republic, and it was somehow not what I had expected. Being under communistic ruling for so many years, I have to admit I had certain aversion before we arrived. Maybe that is a European thing, or maybe just me, but I do put the communists in a box that are labeled danger, strict and old fashioned. My trip to Moscow was fresh in my mind. There I enjoyed the beauty, but I could not shake the feeling that I needed protection. This fast growing community did the exact opposite. It gave me a young and innovative feeling mixed with old culture. It was a city I found strangely cozy. It could have something to do with the fact that the city center is actually UNESCO World Heritage Site, and that we were on as girls party trip. I have to call it as I see it.

This trip did not have much of an agenda. We are speaking of three girls, in a new city for only 5 days. That meant partying and shopping. Consider you were walking in the sites that the city had to offer, you got sightseeing done at the same time. In other words, this is the perfect city for a long weekend.

We shopped until we dropped in both the many shopping malls and the city Centre. I am sure I filled my suitcase with shoes alone. Obviously the Central European prices had reached Czech Republic, so if you are looking for a good deal, go to the less branded shops and buy your clothes and shoes as the Czech’s do. Do not expect high end quality on the smaller stores. If you go downtown to the higher end shops, you will off course pay the going rate. I have started to realize that in Europe the clothing prices does not wary much, not even in Praha.

For a girl, the nightlife in Praha was great! And a warning to the guys, you will have to fight for female attention if you do not go to one of the local pubs. There is way more guys out to the clubs then there is girls. Especially was that noticeable on Saturday night. We went to a typical tourist trap! We did realize that, but we still wanted to see it. Karlovy Lazne is the largest music club complex in Central Europe and it has around eight different dance floors and sections? I cannot remember them all. But as soon as we got in to the first bar, we noticed there were few girls there. In fact, I could not see anyone. And the fifty something men that where there turned their head at the same time. My two girlfriends are tall and blond, so they all looked over my little head and right on to them. We all noticed, and made a snide comment; had they never seen a 6ft blonde before? But as we got in to one room after the other, we got the same responds in all places. And it was soon clear, that it was far between the girls. My friend turned to us and smiled as she put her hands out. Welcome to heaven girls, she said in Norwegian.
If you want to read about the club you can do that here:

My friend was right, it was a fun night! It did not take long before we got to know quite a few of the others guests. Being single, I off course let a few guys charm me, but there was one in particular that caught my eye. Harrison the Kiwi. He dashingly came and introduced himself with white teeth shining in the blond beard. His blue eyes had a glint of humor. Oh dear… I am weak for that ruff surfer look. When I think back at that night I am thinking of the song: We Are Young, with fun. Tonight… tralalal… We are young! So let’s set the world on fire! We can burn brighter than the sun!
Here is the song:

As the evening progressed, and I got to know Harrison a bit more, I learned that he had taken one year off to travel. And that he had come to Karlovy Lazne with friends. I am pretty sure I was looking at him with sparkles in my eyes and a goofy grin at this point. (Probably thinking, if he could be more perfect.) I had always wanted to do that, leave my obligations and just go. Instead I had taken the safe road, where I worked up time and then took long vacation. For as long as I can remember I have longed to travel more. Then I noticed that Harrison greeted a couple of youngsters, and I smiled friendly to them. You know them from before I asked. He turned and looked at me funny as he responded. I told you I was here with friends. I off course nodded, but I had to bite my tongue, I had automatically thought his friends where older. And as I turned to him again, the curtain went up, and I looked at the man beside me and saw the boy behind the beard. Damn. At this time I probably had to force my smile through. I was an expert in finding the ones that was unavailable, and this was new high… or low? But at that time I was already wrapped in the Australian net, and had started to like him. I asked him if he knew how old I was. He then responded that he knew I was older then him, but why did I think that it mattered…

What can you actually answer to that which is not a cliché?

I ended up enjoying the night, and he was right. There and then, it did not matter.
Go to Praha girls, but go as singles.


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