Eat, drink and dance in Buenos Aires!


I only had the opportunity to stay in Buenos Aires (Argentina) for 9 days, and when I left I knew I would miss it. It is a city like no other. Modern, but it had a heartwarming atmosphere that everyone should greet them self with in a lifetime. The nightlife is great, the food is amazing and to through in a treat for me, you could dance Salsa or Tango every day of the week. Fabulous! The name means fair winds, or literally good air in Spanish, and I did not meet one traveler or Argentinian that was not agreeing with me in the greatness of this city. That in itself is a rear thing.

At first I thought I had planned too much time there, because the Buenos Aires tourist guides and lonely planet had not much to tell me about things to do. I have never been that type of person who is visiting the museums in the city’s I go to, unless it is something special, like Picasso or Salvador Dali. And if it was not for the book, The Da Vinci code, I would probably never have thought about visiting the Louvre museum to see Mona Lisa. I know… it is bad. It is always the people that are my desired attraction, and what draws me to a place. While my companions are usually rushing to the nearest mountain top, and to see the national museum, I am usually on the diner discussing the local drunk’s childhood.


So you will not be surprised when I will recommend taking one of the tour busses called “see Buenos Aires in a day”. Then you check all of the different neighborhood stuff off, see the museums from the outside, and focus on the fun stuff. A tango show, is on the other hand, a must to. And that is also one of the local tango clubs, to dance tango with the professionals. If you ask around, you will find that many of them also have salsa dancing. Argentinians obviously love to dance. In august they have a tango festival there. I have never been to that, but the locals spoke vividly about it.

You will love the food, regardless of what it is, but they are as we all know specialists on their meat. It must be one of the best, no question about it. But do not waste your money on expensive restaurants. Here you will get fantastic wine, tender steak and wonderful service no matter what small diner you go to. So in my experience, the only thing that is separating the affordable from the robbery, is the white linen on the table, and the stiffness of the waiter.Argentina4

There is one site I will say is worth visiting, and that is: Cementerio de la Recoleta. The mausoleum is spectacular, and you can visit the grave of Evita Peron. You can even take an Evita Peron tour, or go to the Evita museum. And Buenos Aires are filled with museums I never went in to. Cemetery is placed within the city and really is impressive, and at times a bit scary. We saw several of the mausoleums that had open gates, graves of children, casket tops that had slid to the side so you almost could see who was laying there. You can see graves which have 20 caskets placed on top of each other. It is interesting.Argentina1
Every day, new flowers are put on Eva Peron’s grave. She still mean so much, to so many. Read more about Evita here:
Consider I have never lived there, there was only so much that I had time for. But I left the city wanting more. The impression that it left, is that this is a place wourth your time, and somewhere you want to stay. Buenos Aires seemed to be for the local enjoyer of life, more than the tourist. That is the way I liked it, and the way I think it should be. It was the last destination on a six week roundtrip in South America, but a worthy ending. Do yourself a favor, book your ticket now!!Argentina5


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