Pensacola, the forgotten paradise in Florida?


Americans has understood the value of this city for a long time ago, and especially in spring break the teenagers are running to the amazing beaches from all over the country. But it may seem as this is falling in to the shadow of so many other destinations that this state has to offer for the rest of the world? And I have trouble to wrap my head around that. I have been there several times, and the beauty of these beaches lingers in my mind.

 images        beach

It may be a good thing that it is not so known outside of the US. Then you can go on beach vacation and actually meet the Americans and not your neighbor. When I was there last, the man behind the counter grinned widely when I said I was from Norway. It is years since our last Norwegian he said with a grinning smile. It was hard to believe.

Pensacola is not only beaches. It is also very influenced of the Navy base that is in the city. And the city that is the home of the famous Blue Angels. Every year the Blue Angels have their home coming show here. And believe me, it is spectacular. Did you know that the old movie Officer and a gentleman are filmed here?



I called the travel agency for the fun of it and asked about a trip to Pensacola. The phone went silent in the other end, and then she asked. Where is that exactly?

Just remember that in the US you need a car to get around, so always calculate the expense of a car in your budget.


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