Barcelona, the city with everything you can wish for!

In my experience Barcelona is a summer city!

Bring your bikini, you’re walking shoes and your wallet. This is truly the city that has it all. The best season is in my opinion the summer half of the year. Bring your good mood, do not expect that they will understand your Spanish, you are now in Catalonia, and they are proud of their heritage. Be observant of the history as you walk in the city center and narrow streets. You will be surprised on what you will find!


In Barcelona you can wander from the city center and down to the beach.

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Everywhere you can see the work of Antoni Gaudí. The most famous of his work is probably Sagrada Familia which is on the UNESCO World Heritage list. Barcelona seem to be the perfect combination of the Old that bring soul, and the new that brings comfort.

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The nightlife and food in Barcelona is what really compleetes your experience. So make sure to go in to one of the many tapaz bars in the city. I will recomand to keep an eye for where the locals eat. You will get fantastic food and it will be more then affordable.

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If you have not understood it before now, I loved every bit of Barcelona. From the shopping, markets, food, sights, to the people of Catalonia. It is not a cheap city, but c’mon it absolutely worth every penny!


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