First stop was lake Titicaca

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Next stop La Paz


The polution was laying thick over the city La Paz.

I have never seen electric work as this. It cannot be safe.

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The local fruit shop!


The working holiday parade!


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Bolivia is probably the country I liked the least in South America. It does not mean much, consider I love the continent, but it is still the place where I found myself less excited. It is very authentic, and not as tourist friendly as the other countries I have been to. Authentic is a good thing in my book, but it is not easy to move around, so it did create a few delays in my trip. The people were not always friendly, and they seemed less happy, which may explain it. There are off course exceptions, like the students we met in La Paz which gave us a fantastic night at one of the local pubs in La Paz. I am left with an impression that Bolivian people are more closed, and need more time to warm up. (Considering I am from Norway, that is something I would think I would be use to.)


The city Santa Cruz!

Santa Cruz in Bolivia is probably the city in Bolivia that is most like Europe! And
they are very proud of the living standard. In some posh neighborhoods it
did feel like I was in a fancy place in Europe. It is nice to have been
there, but not a destination I would recommend if you would like an eventful
trip. Make sure to book a hotel with a swimming pool if you go.imagesM5I3MEHG OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

I did not get to go to the salt flat and Potosí due to the working holidays. It was impossible to get a plain or buss in that direction. So maybe those destinations would have left a better impression. Bolivia is one of the less costly countries in South America, and also the country that are getting the least tourist. So this trip is for the budget travellers.


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