The little city in the coastline of Sweden where I spent every summer!

The little city in the coastline of Sweden where I grew up!
I can still remember the smell of the ocean and sunscreen lotion!

Strömstad is a fast-growing community, in a region in which local residents also include Halden, Fredrikstad and Sarpsborg in Norway. For a large part of the year, Norwegians have a significant impact on life here. This is an area where both trade and industry are growing, something which is of benefit to residents and visitors alike. The town center has a large range of specialist stores and north of Strömstad you’ll find Norrby Shopping Centre with around 110 shops. There is also a large shopping center in Svinesund, where Norwegians travel for hours to shop for the much cheaper prices.

This is where you’ll find the saltiest water on the Swedish west coast, and the inviting grey granite cliffs. Strömstad town is known for its amazing archipelago, seafood restaurants, great shopping and interesting sights. By using Strömstad as a base you can enjoy northern Bohuslän all year round. For centuries, Strömstad has been known for its trade. Nowadays, the many visitors during the summer months and the year round cross-border trade between Sweden and Norway mean that Strömstad has a usual number of retail outlets for a town of its size.

Beside the Bohuslän coastline lies the Western Archipelago, a spectacular seascape of 8,000 islands, islets, skerries and rocky outcrops. But what can you do there? Part of the pleasure of visiting the archipelago is getting there, whether by ferry or your own boat. On the larger islands there are convenient guest harbours for mooring up while the coast also offers a range of hotels, restaurants and activities such as kayaking, canoeing, diving and other water sports. And perhaps best of all, the islands are all so easy to reach, from Gothenburg and many points all along the coastline.


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11 Responses to The little city in the coastline of Sweden where I spent every summer!

  1. Nachthawk says:

    Used to live in Sweden and loved it… brilliant country…

    • Oslogeek says:

      Sweden is great 😀

      • Nachthawk says:

        oh don’t I know… till this day I never know why I left in the first place… guess duty calls – what a poor excuse I know… 🙂

      • Oslogeek says:

        You should come to Norway next!! We can always look back at poor excuses, but it is never to late to change our mind I think 😉

      • Nachthawk says:

        good evening…
        have been to norway and vividly remember the drive over from goeteborg… my first ever encounter with an elk 🙂 huge they were. i liked oslo a lot and regret not having spent more time when i was over.
        had an invite to haugesund – beautiful i believe… might take you up on the invite 🙂
        have a great weekend and i am looking forward to reading from you again.

      • Oslogeek says:

        he he 🙂 glad to hear it treated you nicely! thank you for reading!!! ~ Annie~

      • Nachthawk says:

        hi annie…
        so you are a night owl as well 🙂 just got back from walking lizzy… and get the message you answered… kinda cool… thought you might be hanging out in one of the many pubs in oslo… 🙂
        guess booze is a bit on the expensive side if i am not mistaken…
        regards from germany

      • Oslogeek says:

        I am actually on my way out he he  but absolutely a night owl! And in Norway you drink at home and then you go out 😉 which is why I am going out so late he he

      • Nachthawk says:

        well have a good night out and enjoy it… we will be going running tomorrow morning early… so need all the rest we can get – lol… especially lizzy who is as unfit as you can get them…
        so have a brill night and catch you again soon…

      • Oslogeek says:

        thanks a lot. Going out salsa dancing tonight. Enjoy the quiet evening. Sometimes that is preferable. and say hi to lizzy. ~Annie~

      • Nachthawk says:

        lizzy is already fast asleep 🙂
        have a great night out.
        4 paws and me 🙂

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