Moscow, the city where taking the subway feels like a night at the Opera!

Moscow, the city where taking the subway feels like a night at the Opera!

In Moscow I could never shake the feeling of not being safe. From the point when we got to the airport where the guard left with our passport for one hour, to the other guards outside who was is stacked with weapons. The mob run taxi’s that cost 150 dollars was also unwelcoming and so was the one price for tourists and one price for the locals. Traveling on a budget we found it hard to get around. And the fact that few spoke English wore out my Russian dictionary, and caused us to be stuck on a local bus that when round and round the city. The entire trip was Interesting, and on the hotel they stole everything from our hard rock souvenirs to our shampoo.

But if you are an architecture buff, this is your city! Here you can take the subway or Metro as it is called there, and still feel like you are going to the opera. They have rooftops made of gold and you can easily picture that you have come to the land of Anna Karenina. It is strangely contradicting, but yet it is admirable that they have kept the uniqe of the city and wealthy look.


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